Winning at the Hiring Game for Women
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A three-part series designed for working women, "Winning at the Hiring Game" teaches you how to play the game and win! The series includes distilled, focused knowledge gleaned from Landy's experience recruiting and hiring top-tier teams for Fortune 100's, 1000's, and hot start-up companies. Getting the right job offer inside or outside your present company will be easy, once you've learned what "Hiring Game" has to teach!

Part 1: Winning at the Hiring Game,
Book and Seminar for Women

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This empowering first part of the series is meant for women at all stages of their professional careers. It contains tools which give women the "insider" information they need to succeed in today's competitive and complex work world. First assessing a woman's present job status, "Hiring Game" then clarifies and reframes job behaviors, and replaces non-productive thoughts or actions with "success tools". Each woman reading the book or participating in the seminar is made aware of the many "Patterns of Possibilities" with which she can win at the Hiring Game! Buy It Today...

Part 2: Winning at the Hiring Game,
for Power Players

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Part Two of the series will concentrate on navigating the complexities of internal politics, and "success tracking" one's career to the next level inside your company.

Part 3: Winning at the Hiring Game,
Women Entrepreneurs

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Women who have dreamed of starting their own companies will be the focus of the third and final part of the series.