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Welcome to the online home of "Winning at the Hiring Game", a three-part book and seminar series designed for working women. Please have a look around. For more information about the books click Book Series in the above menu. You can find out about the seminars happening in your area on the Seminars page.

Why is "Winning at the Hiring Game" important?

  • "Growing up in the corporate world at a time when women were still subject to sexual harassment, discriminatory hiring practices, and rampant sexism was quite an education. Since then, sweeping social changes have permanently altered the appearance of the corporate environment. Unfortunately, too many women workers are still relativly unequipped and unprepared to survey the geography and topography of today's hiring game and know how to navigate. My goal is to give you tools, and to share the inner secrets of the game."
  • "Too often, professional women make the decision to submerge their personalities and contort themselves to fit the corporate mold they willingly embrace - thinking this ensures their jobs. The real reason people get the jobs they want has nothing to do with being the most qualified, nicest looking, or youngest and brightest stars out there. If you could hear the post-interview conversations that I hear, you'd be shocked!"
  • "Get ready to let go of your preconceived notions about the way things work during the hiring process in any company. I'm going to teach you about the way things REALLY happen, so you don't make the mistakes and miscalculations women sometimes do."
  • "I've seen candidates who got the job, although they may not have been as strong as other candidates. But the hiring team liked them better!" Why? The answer may not be what you think!

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