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Adrienne Landy has worked for the past 20+ years as a successful senior consultant and hiring partner with top executives and their teams in Silicon Valley. She was entrusted to create and implement recruiting/staffing and training programs to support their corporate visions.



"Adrienne has been retained as Acorn's primary recruiting resource over the past several years. She brings experience and strategic thinking to the process, and is effective in identifying candidates with the right job skills and, just as importantly, cultural fit. She is especially skilled in managing the candidate closing process. Adrienne has always been flexible in providing the level of recruiting support we need, and is always a pleasure to work with."

- Ken Haven, CEO/Owner, Acorn Product Development, Inc., April 30, 2009

"Adrienne has a keen eye for talent and knows how to find it. For Acorn, Adrienne sourced several extremely knowledgeable and effective mechanical engineers. She also has an abundance of valuable insight into a variety of industries that enable her to find people who are a good fit for a company. I really enjoyed working with Adrienne and hope to do so again, and recommend her without hesitation."

- Josh Zeiser, IT & Facilities Associate , Acorn Product Development, March 3, 2009

"Adrienne staffed several tech openings in HP's Customer Care team. She demonstrated a high degree of professionalism, managing the entire recruitment, interview and hiring process. She was knowledgeable, organized, and excelled at follow-up and follow-through. With her extensive experience in HR and recruiting, Adrienne would be an asset to any organization looking to fill any number of vacancies."

- Lisa Speaker, Client of Adrienne Landy, January 31, 2006

"Adrienne has been an excellent resource for me over many years and through many challenges. She helped me pull together a world-class engineering team in a very restricted labor market. She was able to accurately target high quality candidates in a market flooded with prospects. And, her advice was invaluable when I began my own search for new opportunities."

- Jim Godwin, Executive VP, SET Engineering, Inc., November 4, 2005



President/Founder – World of Work Consultants Ltd. LLC

20 Years Partnering with Silicon Valley's Top CEO's and Executive Teams to Make Their Hiring Visions Reality!

As an indication of Adrienne's experience, she has:
reviewed perhaps 250,000 resumes,
managed 12,000 team interviews,
presented 3,500 offers, and
brought in about 2,500 close-fit hires !


  • Consulting/Contract Recruiting (On-Site & Off-Site)
    - Affordable Rates
  • Multiple Technologies and Vertical Markets
  • Focused Search with Flat Fees
  • Sales/Marketing, SW, HW, ME, IT, Finance
  • Top Notch Engineering Contractors
  • Guaranteed Results
  • Excellent References
  • Staffing/HR Consulting/Compensation/Offers/Retention Planning
  • Management Training: Hiring Techniques (Teams & Individuals
  • Published Author: “WINNING AT THE HIRING GAME”™- Book & Seminar for Women (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, Canada & UK)